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Strategic Site Selection

Site Acquisition

The real estate acquisition division focus on identifying, evaluating, and procuring assets that align with potential investment sponsors strategic financial goals and objectives. Key responsibilities and functions performed by our real estate acquisition division are listed below

Property Identification

The division actively searches for potential properties that meet a set criteria, which could include specific locations, property types, size, condition, and price range.

Financial Analysis

The division conducts in-depth financial analyses of potential acquisitions to assess the possible return on investment. This evaluation encompasses various aspects, including cash flow projections, operating expenses, and potential risks.

Market Research

We conduct thorough market research to identify trends, assess property values, and determine the potential for growth or appreciation in specific areas.

Due Diligence

This involves conducting extensive investigations and inspections of the property to uncover any potential town planning, construction, design, sales, legal, financial, or environmental issues that could impact the purchase decision.


The acquisition team negotiates with property owners, brokers, and other stakeholders to secure the most favorable terms for the purchase

Deal Structuring

We are responsible for structuring the deals, which includes determining the appropriate financing options, payment terms, and any contingencies or conditions.

Legal and Contractual Processes

The division coordinates the legal aspects of the acquisition, including purchase agreements, ensuring compliance with regulations, and coordinating with legal professionals.

Coordination with Project Delivery

We collaborate with the project delivery team to ensure a smooth transition from acquisition to development management.

Risk Management

The division assesses the risks associated with the acquisition and works to mitigate them to protect the sponsors interests.